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Production Testing



Leading-edge NVH measurement and analysis

PLATO systems from AB Dynamics are used worldwide as a standard for noise/vibration (NVH) assessment of powertrain and power-steering components and systems.

Products tested

  • Axles (front/rear, independently-suspended, beam, with/without tubes, with/without drive-shafts)
  • Transmissions (manual, automatic, automated manual, dual-clutch, CVT)
  • Transfer cases (4x4, SUV, commercial vehicle)
  • PTUs (power take-off units)
  • Differential units (4x4 front-rear)
  • Engines ("cold" & "hot")
  • Power-steering (hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, electric)
  • Rolling-element bearings
  • Motors and alternators
  • Pumps & compressors

Add-on sub-products to tailor your application

We provide numerous add-on sub-products for core PLATO to allow solutions to be tailored to your application.

The application pages here show you some examples of how systems are used.  Many more applications exist that are not covered here, so contact us with your requirements and we’ll advise you on the optimum solution.

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