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24th Jun 2021

Employee Spotlight: Claire Glanville

Claire Glanville

Claire Glanville is a project engineer here at AB Dynamics, mainly working with our track products including our Halo and ADAS Targets.

What made you want to become an engineer?

No one thing. I did not really know much about engineering as a job or what was involved when I was younger. I always liked maths and science most at school and knew I wanted to continue these. However, when I started to think about what I wanted to do at university, I found out more about engineering. It really appealed to me that I would learn would be useful in a job past university and would allow me to have a practical hands-on role.

What's the best thing about working at AB Dynamics?

The variety. It's really interesting working for an expanding sector and is increasingly being focused on the growth of autonomous vehicles. It means that there are many opportunities to work on new applications for our products and develop them further, giving many challenges.

What is the best thing abut working in Engineering?

The hands-on side! It's been great to leave my flat for work during lockdown, and really appreciated not looking at a screen all day, still seeing and working with people. Unfortunately, I'm not cut out for working from home. 

 What's been your biggest achievement at AB Dynamics?

Within the Track Test Team, I have built an in-depth knowledge base of testing protocols such as the New Car Assessment Program and how to carry out these tests using our robot systems. One of the most rewarding parts of the job is applying this knowledge in the field and seeing customers implementing ideas I have suggested for both our software and their methodology.

Being a project engineer, I am often presented with challenges from various field of engineering. Adapting and learning about new engineering applications to support the business is both something I am proud of and what keeps the role interesting.

Women are not widely represented in the field of engineering; has this ever caused you challenges?

Luckily not really! Hopefully, it stays that way. It would be good to see more women represented.

Thea Davies

About the author Thea Davies

Thea Davies is the Marketing Assistant at AB Dynamics, her role includes growing and managing the company's social media, and developing marketing campaigns.

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