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9th Dec 2009

Automotive Testing Technology International Awards 2009

2009 Dts Awards

ABD's Driverless vehicle testing system has received a second Development Tool of the Year award.

The award from Automotive Testing Technology International Magazine was given to ABD because "The jury appreciated the way that Anthony Best Dynamics is leading the way in developing driverless robotic test systems. Advantages include removing the health risks to test drivers, better repeatability and accuracy, and reduced proving ground space requirements. The robotics are a natural add-on to the steering robots already required for legislative manoeuvres."

Both this award and the award given by Vehicle Dynamics International magazine recognise the value of the driverless system to vehicle development engineers that require a safe and repeatable way of undertaking vehicle ADAS system testing, misuse testing, durability testing and extreme vehicle handling tests. 

The view of Peter Cambridge, a freelance vehicle dynamicist is that: "The driverless test system takes vehicle testing firmly into the 21st century, with significant benefits for driver safety. It also helps the overall design process, with improvements in the correlation of testing with analysis."

If you would like to learn more about ABD's Driverless Vehicle Testing system please contact us at sales@abd.uk.com.

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