Elements Of The System 2

9th Apr 2009

Robots support VBOX feedback

Racelogic's VBOX GPS based measurement system can now be directly used with AB Dynamics steering, brake and accelerator robots for feedback purposes. 

Position, velocity, and acceleration measured by the VBOX can be captured via the robot's CAN interface and used for applications including:

1) Triggering test entry speed. The VBOX can be used to trigger steering tests such as the FMVSS126 sine with dwell steering manoeuvre at a defined speed.

2) Triggering tests at a defined position on the track. It is possible to use the VBOX to trigger brake robot tests at a defined longitudinal position on the test track.

3) Speed control. The VBOX can be used as a feedback device for ABD's accelerator and brake robots to control the vehicle at constant speed, or through a defined speed/time profile.

4) General data capture of vehicle position and speed.

VBOX integration is available free of charge to ABD customers with robot controllers fitted with current generation CAN interface cards.

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