rFpro - Simulator Project Engineer

Due to continued success we are recruiting a Simulator Project Engineer to use their technical knowledge and expertise, along with problem solving, to deliver the rFpro content product to the customer.

You will work as part of the Romsey Data Team along with the Producer, Development Engineers, Support Team, Art Team, and Sales & Marketing to ensure the smooth running of all projects.

Taking data delivered in its raw form (LiDAR surveys, CAD data, Photos, Videos etc) and analysing, processing and delivering the ordered data ready for our Art Team to use, taking the 3D models that the Art Team produce and ensuring the QA is followed. Part of your role will also include producing the engineering grade HD Surface.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Analyse and validate source data sets from suppliers/customers
  • Meeting with the Producer, Head of Operations, Data Team in Romsey to understand and plan the project
  • Creating well-ordered and named datasets ready for in house processing
  • Creating data packages for the Art Team to allow them to understand the project from an overview – e.g edited videos to match the sections under construction, first stages of data processing to produce visual meshes in 3DS-Max, creating meaningful photo sets
  • In depth processing of LiDAR data sets using in house written scripts and Rhino to produce ground surface mesh definitions
  • Creating ordered, understandable data deliveries for the Art Team
  • Liaising with the Producer & Art Team to ensure they have complete and fully functioning data sets
  • Receiving updates and deliveries from the Art Team and performing QA checks against the graphical references agreed at the start of the project
  • Performing QA checks for the technical structure and ground surface assignments
  • Performing real-time performance QA checks
  • Feeding back any QA points that need adjusting to the Producer
  • Final Testing and packaging up the project ready to send to Support Team for delivery to the customer

As the company expands and grows, there will be future developments and additions to these activities. These are expected to be embraced by the Simulator Project Engineer.

Full training will be given however it would be useful to have familiarity with CAD packages such as 3DS Max or Rhino

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