15th Sep 2010

Torus 'screen mount' robot released

Cbp2035 Edit

ABD has released the 'screen mount' version of the Torus steering robot. The motor torque is reacted using links that are attached to the windscreen using suckers.

The SR60-Torus is a new innovative and patented design of steering robot for all types of testing. The lightweight Torus motor is attached to the existing steering wheel using adjustable clamps that allow the Torus motor to be centred to the steering column. 

The large hollow centre enables access to the vehicle?s standard steering wheel controls. It also enables the airbag to safely deploy through the centre of the wheel without the robot motor becoming detached from the steering wheel. 

ABD will be demonstrating the Torus robot at the 2010 Stuttgart Testing EXPO, and 2010 JSAE exhbition.

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