Vehicle Dynamics Simulator

aVDSアドバンスド ドライビングシミュレータ

aVDSは、AB Dynamicsが提供するエキサイティングで高度な新規車両駆動シミュレータです。

aVDSは、高性能のモーションプラットフォームと高い仕様のオーディオおよびビジョンシステムを組み合わせています。また、  rFproの世界クラスのコンテンツを使用することで、車両構成の微量な変化にも対応できるシミュレータと成っております。これにより、物理的プロトタイプが利用可能になる前に、テストドライバからの開発に役立つフィードバックを得ることができるので、時間と費用の両方を節約することができます。

Driver In The Loop Simulator



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Vehicle Driving Simulator

Dynamics and performance

The aVDS utilises high specification linear actuators to deliver class-leading 6DoF dynamic performance, with up to 60Hz frequency response, providing a tightly harmonised driving experience. The motion platform can be quickly configured to take a variety of payloads up to 500kg, facilitating the installation of real vehicle cabins. Advanced cueing effectively extends the platform’s motion envelope, with a separation of high and low frequency contributions. Faithfully recreated vehicle dynamics can be experienced in a variety of common tests, including: cornering, braking in turn, impulse, sine, step, ramp, swept steer, straight line acceleration, braking and more. 

Vehicle Driving Simulator Graphics

Integration: Sim, Lab, Track

The aVDS has been designed to make vehicle and system development simpler and faster. We have ensured that the aVDS integrates seamlessly with our other test equipment, providing a link between simulation, laboratory-based testing, and track testing. The synergy between our product families means that scenarios, vehicle models, test data and other critical information can be ‘copied and pasted’ between the test equipment. In this way, correlation becomes simpler, timescales are reduced, and development activities are more productive. 

Vehicle Dynamics Simulator

Built for you

The aVDS is part of the AB Dynamics family of driving simulators. The specifications of each being tailored to the customer. We build the simulator that meets your requirements, working with you to determine the most suitable package. Whether you need a workstation, static or dynamic solution, stereo projection for 3D visuals, a custom lightweight cabin or additional computational power. To find out what is possible, get in touch.

Driving Simulator Adas Testing

A name you know, support you can trust

Whether you are developing a new vehicle, training autonomous systems or trialling new tyres, the aVDS is a simulator built by one of the most trusted names in automotive testing. Our experience working with numerous proving grounds and the world’s most prominent vehicle safety organisations, like Euro NCAP and NHTSA, has given us key insight into the rigours of vehicle development and testing. Critically, with over 30 years of experience developing systems for the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world, we designed the aVDS to address the industry’s present and future requirements. It is not just a simulator, it is an incredibly powerful vehicle development tool and, as our customers will attest, we are ready to provide the training and support necessary to ensure that you can utilise its full potential.   

この刺激的な新開発の詳細、要件の検討、aVDSデモンストレータの試乗をご希望の場合は、次のリンクよりAB Dynamicsまでお問い合わせください:SimulatorEnquiries@abd.uk.com

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