Lane Change Manouvre

Labor- und Fahrversuche

Synergy of solutions

A key advantage of using AB Dynamics’ suite of products is that they all use a common software interface. This means they can work together seamlessly, maximising efficiency and avoiding errors.

Measure Simulate Test With Ab Dynamics Products And Solutions
Lösungen in Synergie

Unsere Produkte wurden ergänzend zueinander entwickelt. Messen, Prüfen und Simulieren – dies sind die Hauptaktivitäten in der Fahrzeugentwicklung. AB Dynamics bietet richtungsweisende Lösungen in jedem dieser Bereiche.

Here are some of the international test standards which can be performed with AB Dynamics equipment

ESC ESC (FMVSS 126) AEB car to car AEB car to car AEB car to car AEB car to car Regulation 13-H
AEB car to car 2015 DBS (Dynamic Brake Support) AEB car to pedestrian AEB car to pedestrian AEB car to pedestrian LSS (Lane Support Systems)
AEB car to car 2018 FCW (Forward Collision Warning) LSS LSS
AEB car to VRU (Vulnerable Road User) 2016 CIB (Crash Imminent Braking)
AEB car to VRU (Vulnerable Road User) 2018 LSS
LSS 2016 including LDW (Lane Departure Warning) and LKA (Lane Keeping Assist) Fishhook
LSS 2018 including LDW, LKA and ELK (Emergency Lane Keeping)

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