30th Jun 2017

Five AI featured on the BBC with AB Dynamics robots

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BBC2's flagship science and technology show, Horizon, covered driverless cars on the 29th June, and featured our client Five AI, which is developing software for driverless cars. The show included footage of robots (SR15 Orbit and CBAR600) fitted in the development vehicle, a Kia Soul EV.

Five AI is a UK startup founded by engineers with wide experience in software, electronics and machine learning. Its engineers have been using AB Dynamics driving robots to drive the vehicle, following commands issued by the software that it is creating.

In the show, Five AI's CEO, Stan Boland, is seen operating the development vehicle at Millbrook proving ground. The show also covers other driverless technology such as the Roborace project. 

Using AB Dynamics robots offers a convenient way for driverless software development, as they can be controlled in real time via CAN or Ethernet signals, enabling engineers to use any vehicle for driverless tech development.

You can watch the episode on BBC iPlayer here(UK viewers only)

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