29th May 2019

Case study: Giving Autonomous Cars a driving test in China

We have been working with a customer in China on a new case study to highlight the cutting-edge role that our products have in autonomous vehicle (AV) testing. SH Intelligent is responsible for testing all prototype driverless cars before they are allowed on to the public roads in the Shanghai area. These tests are done using equipment from AB Dynamics, including a GST and robots.  

Dr Lin Li, deputy General Manager of SH Intelligent talked to us about the tests and how our equipment helps to create realistic scenarios for the AVs to navigate through. He said: “We use a multitude of testing equipment to determine certification and, with what is potentially at stake, it’s imperative that we use the best available. Our preference for AB Dynamics products is influenced by the company’s reputation and the usage of its equipment by the world’s top 25 automotive manufacturers. AB Dynamics products feature when conducting almost all the 17 test categories. Presently, we have the company’s SR60 steering robots, GST (Guided Soft Target) and will shortly be adding LaunchPad.”

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