25th Apr 2022

AB Dynamics achieves ISO 14001 environmental certification

Abdynamics Iso14001

AB Dynamics’ Environmental Management System (EMS) has been certified to the ISO 14001 standard following a rigorous six-month implementation programme.

The certification recognises that AB Dynamics has the necessary processes, procedures and objectives in place for managing environmental practices and improving our environmental impact to an internationally recognised standard.

“This is a fantastic achievement by everybody involved and we are delighted to be officially accredited,” said Mark Allman, Managing Director at AB Dynamics. “Our customers can be confident that we are a responsible organisation performing to a high level of environmental performance and we will be looking to our suppliers to operate to the same standards.”

The certification applies to the company’s UK headquarters and European operation based in Germany. AB Dynamics’ ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification was also recently extended to include its German operation.

Key to the ongoing success of the system will be the support and involvement from all staff members who will be trained to become environmental champions and assist in the running of the EMS.

We will also be developing awareness campaigns as well as implementing projects such as tree planting, electrical waste collection, recycling days, beautification projects and improving our management of hazardous waste.

AB Dynamics’ environmental objectives include:

  • Reducing gas and electricity usage
  • Management of waste in a sustainable manner to reduce the amount sent to landfill and its associated emissions
  • Reducing personal and business travel to decrease the company's carbon impact
  • A reduction in water consumption
  • Reducing the demand for non-sustainable goods and services
  • Environmental awareness training for all staff

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