16th Feb 2022

Webinar: Euro NCAP 2023 car-to-motorcyclist scenarios

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AB Dynamics is joining forces with inertial navigation experts OxTS to discuss upcoming changes to Euro NCAP’s VRU test protocol in a webinar at 13:30 (GMT) on Wednesday 23rd February.

The event will highlight new car-to-motorcyclist scenarios set to be introduced by Euro NCAP and discuss how the new tests can be conducted safely and accurately using the new European Motorcycle Target (EMT).

The webinar will be hosted by OxTS’ Robert Gough and he will be joined by our Business Director for Track Test Systems, Dr Andrew Pick, and Lead Engineer Leo Evans. All three speakers will be available for a Q&A at the end of the session.

To register for the event, visit OxTS’ website here.

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