20th Sep 2023

AB Dynamics to conduct live demonstration at the ADAS Experience event

The Adas Exp Website Image

We are pleased to announce that it will be presenting its multi-object scenario testing capability at the ADAS Experience event in Klettwitz, Germany on September 26-27th.

On day 2 of the event, Dr. Andrew Pick, Director, Track Test Systems at AB Dynamics, will present a live demonstration titled "Multi Object Scenario Testing for Development of ADAS and Autonomy.” It will highlight how AB Dynamics’ technologies can be used to conduct complex ADAS and AV test scenarios.

The demonstration will show cut-in and cut-out scenarios with a variety of targets and traffic. The test vehicle and other traffic will be controlled using the company’s driving robots, while the targets, such as pedestrians and motorcycles, will be manoeuvred our LaunchPad ADAS platforms. The actors and traffic will all be accurately coordinated with the test vehicle using AB Dynamics' Synchro control software

The ADAS Experience is a two-day event hosted by carhs.training that brings together experts from the automotive industry to discuss the latest developments in ADAS and autonomous driving technology. It will focus on the development of safety-supporting driver assistance systems and provide insights into the future requirements for emergency braking, evasion, and highly automated driving functions, as well as development strategies that lead to a robust system. AB Dynamics is a Platinum sponsor of The ADAS Experience and will also showcasing its latest ADAS and autonomous driving testing solutions during the event. To watch our multi-object testing capability in action, visit https://youtu.be/p7B1uieQghg?si=Mk1ObJCCvQrM_izq

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