AB Dynamics announces new steering robot model, the Halo


Our new steering robot is the most flexible and versatile model to date. The Halo joins the family as a second direct-drive, hollow-centre model (together with the successful Torus model). 

It benefits from over 20 years of robot design evolution and patented technology, delivering both the high torque necessary to evaluate limit handling as well as precision, light-touch control needed for the latest ADAS tests. 

The Halo uses a carbon fibre steering rim and innovative wrap-around design, allowing a 35% reduction in motor height compared to the Torus, improving driver ergonomics. 

The use of a low-friction direct-drive motor and lightweight materials results in the lowest inertia and friction of any hollow-centre (airbag-compatible) on the market. The Halo's inertia is 8.5% lower than that of the Torus and open-loop motor friction is reduced by 30%. It is the ideal solution for a wide range of tests including the new Euro NCAP Emergency Steering Support (ESS) procedure. 

The Halo is available with a choice of torque reaction systems; either the lightweight S links as shown above or the full torque measurement mechanism attached to the pneumatic strut or to the M grounding system.

Peak Torque90 Nm
Peak rotational speed (at up to 20 Nm)2500 ⁰/s
Moment of inertia 0.1156kg m2
Motor height78 mm 
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