Soft Motorcycle 360 launch webinar


What impact would the next-generation of Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) test target have on your testing and development? 

Find out by watching the Soft Motorcycle 360 launch webinar, hosted by AB Dynamics and sister company DRI, the track testing experts. 

The result of many hours testing using VRU targets, the Soft Motorcycle 360 has been developed to provide greater realism and improved usability. Key to this are its rotating wheels, which provide a speed-matched doppler effect for more reliable sensor recognition. And its multi-layered construction provides the perfect mix of compliance and rigidity, minimising potential vehicle damage whilst maintaining aerodynamic stability.

Join our exclusive webinar to learn about the Soft Motorcycle 360’s:

  • Multi-layered foam and rubberised construction
  • Unique rotating wheel design
  • Sensor realism

We’ll also cover the 80km/h LaunchPad 80 VRU platform, which is ideal for testing with the Soft Motorcycle 360.

DRI has many years' experience testing ADAS scenarios for OEMs, Tier 1s and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) from its proving ground in California. Developers of the Soft Car 360 - the original Global Vehicle Target - DRI has leveraged this experience to develop a motorcycle target that is realistic, lightweight and efficient to work with.

Time and date: Wednesday 14th September 3 pm London, 4 pm Berlin, 10 am Detroit, 7 am Los Angeles

Register here

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