Vehicle Driving Simulator For Motorsport Applications

aVDS Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator - Motorsport

Advanced Driving Simulator For Motorsport

The racing simulator for those who are serious about success

Motorsport is one of the most competitive industries in the world. If you're looking for an advantage, you've come to the right place.

Family Of Motorport Driving Simulation Products

Tailored solutions

The aVDS family has a solution to cater for all your motorsport simulation needs. It includes workstation and static simulators for preliminary testing, but also features the new aVDS-M – a dedicated, purpose-built motorsport version of our well-established aVDS that has been developed specifically for high-performance competition vehicles. It can prepare your car and driver to a far greater extent than any previous generation of simulator, allowing you to efficiently make those vital, yet often the smallest of setup changes, that can make all the difference when it comes to winning.

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Dynamic performance

The aVDS-M has been designed to exceed customer expectations, with dynamic performance that eclipses everything else. To prepare the motorsport version of the simulator we replaced the standard aVDS motion platform base and vehicle cockpit with a lightweight, carbon composite cockpit built into an ultra-light, stiff motion platform arrangement. This enhances the already impressive capabilities of the motion platform, which uses high specification linear actuators to deliver class-leading 6DoF dynamic performance, with up to 60Hz frequency response. The aVDS-M features an integrated oversized cockpit, that can be tailored to the class of single seater race car under test; the result is a simulator that weighs significantly less and positions the driver lower to the ground. The reduced mass and inertia reduce the simulators latency, thereby improving its response and increasing driver immersion.

Motorsport Simulator For Race Driver Training And Instuction

Detect incremental parameter changes

When it comes to the simulation of high-performance vehicles, immersion is critical to vehicle and driver development. The experience of driving the aVDS-M is so involving and detailed that seasoned drivers can detect incremental parameter changes as if they were in the real car. It is a critical tool for efficiently optimising vehicle setup and development. Thanks to the high road surface fidelity reproduced by the aVDS-M, simulated results and data correlate closely with those attained by physically driving a real vehicle on a specific track or course. Visual, audio, haptic and vestibular cueing ensures that the driver is fully engaged, senses stimulated and tested for unparalleled authenticity.

Motor Racing Simulator For Race Driver Training And Instuction


The aVDS-M integrates seamlessly, providing a link between simulation, laboratory-based testing, and track testing. By simplifying the sharing of models and data, correlation becomes simpler, timescales are reduced, and development activities are more productive.

Immersive digital content is provided by leading software supplier rFpro, which already dominates the market in Formula OneTM, NASCAR and top World Endurance Championship categories.

Vehicle Driving Simulator For Motorsport Applications

Flexible installation

The robust, lightweight construction of aVDS-M adds to its immense usability. Its durable design ensures there is negligible user performed maintenance and there’s no need to schedule in down time for expensive part replacement intervals. A high level of rigidity also contributes to flexible installation options, meaning that the aVDS-M isn’t restricted to the ground floor of a building, while the simple-to-navigate system setup allows users to easily upgrade static simulators to enable motion.

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