Turn-on-the-spot VRU target platform added to LaunchPad range


The LaunchPad Spin is a third generation platform that brings new levels of manoeuvrability to VRU testing. 

As ADAS and autonomous vehicle technologies continue to advance, so too does the need for rigorous testing to ensure that vehicles are safe for public roads. That's why we have developed the LaunchPad Spin, a highly manoeuvrable ADAS target platform designed specifically to replicate challenging urban test scenarios.

The LaunchPad Spin is the latest addition to our platform range, which already includes the LaunchPad 50 and 60 for medium-speed testing and the LaunchPad 80, the highest-speed platform designed for motorcycle scenarios. The LaunchPad Spin is a third generation LaunchPad and our most compact and manoeuvrable platform to date, featuring torque vectoring driven wheels and a precision-steered front wheel that can continuously rotate through 360 degrees without an end stop.

Other key features of the LaunchPad Spin include:

  • 30 Km/h top speed with target fitted
  • Rapid acceleration of up to 3 m/s2
  • Compatible with the Soft Pedestrian 360
  • Hot‑swappable batteries for extended running
  • Common software interface with our other ADAS platforms and driving robots

 The LaunchPad Spin platform is designed to help replicate challenging urban scenarios, with the ability to carry a variety of Vulnerable Road User (VRU) targets, such as pedestrians, cyclists, e-scooters, and animals. The LaunchPad Spin expands the testing envelope to cover increasingly complex, dynamic, and realistic scenarios.

For more information on the LaunchPad Spin, sign up here for our webinar, which takes place on the 31st March.

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