Driving Robots

Driving Robots

Driving Robots

The first AB Dynamics robot was delivered in 1997 and is still in use today. Visit any automotive proving ground worldwide and you’ll most likely see our robots in use. The range now includes several different steering robots as well as pedal robots and a gearshift robot. They all share a common software environment and are designed to be easy to use while allowing complex test scenarios to be created and run with unparalleled accuracy.


Repeatable and accurate control

Our driving robots can be installed in almost any vehicle and can deliver repeatable and accurate control of that vehicle in a way that no human driver can do.

Whatever your test requirements, you can rely on AB Dynamics' driving robots. Our customers use them in a vast range of applications, from winter tyre durability testing in the Arctic to the development of next-generation collision avoidance technology in a simulated urban environment.

Chosen by the organisations that develop test standards

Our driving robots are used by seven Euro NCAP test laboratories as well as NHTSA in the US.

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