News from 2009

  • SPMMs from ABD have been in operation for well over ten years. The reliable and robust design of the system has been proven by users such as Mark Gijbels of Ford of Europe, who recently told us:

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  • ABD has released a new option for both existing and new steering robot customers. 'Grab handles' enable the test driver to keep their hands close to the steering wheel when running a steering robot test.

    The grab handles incorporate a deadman handle, test start button, and the ability to apply supplementary steering inputs to the steering robot.

    Grab handles are available for steering robot systems where torque is measured using a column mounted torque transducer or an estimate of torque is made based upon commanded motor current.

    ABD steering robots use direct drive motors with no clutches or gears so that the driver can always be sure that they can retake control of the vehicle safely if required.

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  • PLATO 5.75 released

    As usual, we've been working hard here at ABD in England to further strengthen PLATO's position as a world-leading objective noise/vibration (NVH) measurement & analysis system for powertrain and power-steering testing. PLATO is applied to the following test environments:

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  • Stuttgart EXPO

    Anthony Best Dynamics had a successful exhibition with lots of enquiries about our highly regarded testing products.

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