20th Apr 2015

AB Dynamics wins at Wiltshire Business Awards


THIS year's Wiltshire Business Awards saw Hi-tech Bradford on Avon motoring company Anthony Best Dynamics come out on top, after it won the prestigious Overall Excellence Award. The firm won the top award – which was sponsored by Thrings, a long-time partner of the event - after winning the Medium Sized Enterprise of the Year award earlier in the evening. 

The judges said: "Anthony Best Dynamics is nestled in Bradford on Avon, and its idyllic location houses a centre of technological brilliance and precision engineering to the highest order. The company is growing year on year and stands toe-to-toe with its global competitors, servicing some of the world's largest automotive business. Under the stewardship of its founder, Anthony Best and its forward thinking managing director Tim Rogers, its past is impressive: its future is bright." 

MD Tim Rogers said: "We are pleased and surprised to win the prize for overall excellence. This company has been developing products for over 30 years in Bradford on Avon and most car companies in the world use our products. 
The company's achievements include designing and manufacturing of the renowned Suspension Parameter measurement Machine (SPMM), while ABD was also an early pioneer of the use of an inertial GPS motion pack to control the path of a vehicle. 

John Davies, from Thrings, said: "I was blown away by the technology, the innovation and the global reach of Anthony Best Dynamics."

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