25th Sep 2017

AB Dynamics to exhibit at Autonomous Emergency Braking Conference 2017

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AB Dynamics will be exhibiting at the CARHS Autonomous Emergency Braking Conference in Ingolstadt, Germany on September 28 and 29. The conference, which attracts an international specialist audience from around the world, will look at Euro NCAP Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) protocol changes in 2018. AB Dynamics will be discussing how their equipment can be used in future generations of safety testing.

Currently, Euro NCAP testing relies on targets such as AB Dynamics' Guided Soft Target (GST) which can be driven at high speeds and with unrivalled accuracy, as well as allowing precise synchronisation with the test vehicle. With photo-realistic and radar-reflective skins, they are designed to be recognised as a car by the vehicle's sensors.

AB Dynamics will also be displaying their TrackFi Pro wireless telemetry system which transfers 100% reliable data transfer either between vehicles or to the base station. It can also be used in environments where there is no line-of-sight or where multi-path transmission is a challenge.

Jeremy Ash, Commercial Manager at AB Dynamics says: "We are looking forward to displaying our range of advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) targets and the different circumstances in which they can be used. This includes scenarios at intersections and those containing cyclists, pedestrians and mopeds.”

Visit the conference website here: https://www.carhs.de/en/praxis...
Sep 26, 17 

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