19th Jun 2017

New pedal robot: CBAR600L - the low-profile actuator

Md Cbar600 L

With more than 175 sold around the world, the Combined Brake and Accelerator Robot (CBAR) is one of our most popular models. Now AB Dynamics has launched a new variant - the CBAR600L.

The 'L' stands for low profile. Our mechanical design team has come up with unique arrangement to reduce the actuator height by more than 25%. This results in enhanced comfort for the driver, particularly in vehicles with low seating positions such as sports cars.

In the photo, the new CBAR600L is shown on the left, and the standard CBAR600 is shown on the right

The CBAR600L is suitable for use with Power controllers only. Customers with existing CBAR500 / CBAR600 robots can upgrade to a CBAR600L (Power controller upgrade may also be required). Performance is similar to that of the CBAR600 model.

Contact AB Dynamics or your local representative for more information. 

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