13th Aug 2019

New software released for testing Euro NCAP 2020 protocols

AB Dynamics has released new track testing software (RC v8.15.1) which includes groups for testing  Euro NCAP AEB 2020 protocols. These include Car to Car front turn across path (CCFtap), and Vulnerable Road User (VRU) tests for both turning (CPTA) and reversing (CPRA) scenarios.

The software also includes new test groups for NHTSA CIB (Crash Imminent Braking), C-NCAP AEB Car-To-Car along with Euro NCAP Cut-in tests for use with preliminary AD (autonomous driving).

Increased support for LaunchPad is one of the benefits of this new release, along with a new Synchro operation mode 'Synchro start' which provides an automatically synchronised start time between multiple vehicles.

The software release includes the following benefits:

• Auto returns available for GST, SCT and LaunchPad products for more test types

• Support for PolySync DriveKit for use with Kia Niro and Kia Soul

• New speed calculation method: vector velocity at front axle

• Three new gear types supported: Spring-return Auto, Spring-return Auto/Sequential and Tracked Vehicle Auto

• Power Sequence group available as a beta product for advanced path networks and triggering

• New path-following longitudinal speed / distance control option: reference point

• Additional support for LaunchPad

• 'Synchro start' – new operation mode to easily synchronise test start times

New publicly available versions are as follows:

  • RC v8.15.1
  • PowerPMAC v8.15.1
  • TurboPMAC v8.15.3 

New test groups added for:

  • C-NCAP AEB Car to Car 2018
  • Euro NCAP AEB VRU 2020
  • Euro NCAP AEB Car-to-Car 2020
  • Cut-in tests for use with preliminary Euro NCAP AD (autonomous driving)

Post-processing available for:

  • NHTSA CIB 2015

Post-processing for other groups including Euro NCAP 2020 to follow in the coming months. 

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