2nd Oct 2020

Euro NCAP details how it is scoring current assisted driving technology

Abd Plate Swarm

Euro NCAP has announced the release of a second series of Highway Assist tests, as well as publishing details of its dedicated test and assessment protocols to evaluate the performance of assisted driving technologies. Tests were carried out on 10 vehicles that are currently offering Highway Assist technology.

These new assessments build on the existing AEB protocols with the addition of more challenging scenarios involving lane-changes such as cut-in and cut-out. The cut-in scenario involves a slow-moving vehicle which cuts-in to the lane in front of a test vehicle, while the cut-out scenario involves following traffic where the lead vehicle blocks the view of a slow or stationary vehicle ahead in-lane. As the lead vehicle cuts-out of lane, the hazard is revealed requiring the highway assist system to react to prevent a collision. The new test criteria have outlined the importance that the driver is still engaged and in control of the vehicle whilst assisted technology is activated.

 Our Guided Soft Target vehicle is a necessary tool for performing these tests and has been widely used in the grading tests performed by Euro NCAP. The GST can be controlled to accurately and repeatably perform cut-in and cut-out scenarios and the latest software, RC v8.18, supports the setup of these tests. The Soft Car 360 ensures that there would be no damage to a subject vehicle if a collision occurs, as well as being the only Euro NCAP and NHTSA approved vehicle target for ADAS testing.

AB Dynamics is proud to be working alongside its partners within Euro NCAP to help develop test methodologies fit for the next generation of driver assistance technology.

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