News from 2021

  • NEW LaunchPad 80 Webinar - 30 September

    Join our webinar on 30 September for an introduction to latest addition to our LaunchPad™ family of vulnerable road user (VRU) test platforms.

    The LaunchPad 80 has been developed specifically to enable testing of advanced driver assistance (ADAS) systems using motorcycle targets travelling at high speeds. Testing at 80km/h and braking at over 0.6g make it the only platform that fully meets forthcoming changes to the Euro NCAP test protocol for motorcycles due to come into effect in 2023.

    For more information, register for our webinar and gain an insight into the features and benefits of the LaunchPad 80, including:

    • New test scenarios made possible by the LaunchPad 80
    • Speed and braking to new limits
    • Battery technology to enable all day testing
    • High-speed control and manoeuvrability
    • Low radar signature
    • Synchronisation capabilities

    Visit www.LaunchPad80.com to sign up now.

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