9th Apr 2021

Webinar: Guided Soft Target 120


AB Dynamics is excited to announce its latest product the GST120, which brings a new level of performance to its portfolio of ADAS test systems.

With a top speed of 120km/h, GST120 makes safe testing at highway speeds a reality. The GST120 not only meets your test requirements across the full speed range but also has the largest battery yet, providing the benefit of extended range and test time. Newly developed ABS braking ensures maximum tyre life and allows the car to car-following scenarios safely with controlled braking up to 0.8g. Join us to learn more about the most capable ADAS platform yet. This webinar will lead you through the GST120 developments, including:

  • Class-leading performance allowing operation at highway speeds
  • Enhanced control for improved braking and tyre life
  • Maximising run time and battery capacity
  • Software tailored to support scenario testing for ADAS and AV testing

Register for our webinar here.

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