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TrackFi PowerMesh

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TrackFi PowerMesh是一种双频以太网无线电,能够创建安全的网格状网络,同时在多辆车之间进行高带宽数据传输。与标准的WLAN技术相比,其可靠性大大提高,尤为适合车辆测试,包括Euro NCAP AEB测试和无人驾驶车辆测试。

How Close Are We To Full Autonomy


TrackFi PowerMesh提供多辆车之间或到地面交通控制的低延迟数据传输。它适用于存在树木或建筑等障碍物的大面积区域,且不受多径干扰的影响。

Vehicle Knockdown Unit


来自多个移动车辆的实时测试数据可以转发到实验室进行远程监控。其中包括AB Dynamics的无人驾驶和Synchro Robot数据,以及V2V和V2X位置和速度测量

TrackFi PowerMesh目前仅面向欧洲、美国和日本。

Track Fi Power Mesh Vehicle Node For Driverless Vehicle Testing Over Large Areas

Case Study: Growth of Driverless and ADAS Testing

The recent growth in wireless data transfer from the increasing use of driverless traffic in automotive testing is causing significant issues for the industry.

Increasingly complex test scenarios require the use of driverless vehicles and other moving elements, such as ADAS targets, which must all be in constant communication with each other. This increase in data transfer can result in interference and signal dropout, triggering fail-safe architectures to stop the test, meaning that test scenarios have to be reset and repeated.

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  • 车辆


  • 在ADAS平台中

    紧凑的单天线宽频无线电兼容适用于GST和LaunchPad平台的TrackFi PowerMesh无线电。

  • 静态节点


  • Guided soft targets

    External breakaway cables ensure there is minimal damage when performing ADAS testing.

  • Launchpad integration

    Configured either using the integral antennas for simplicity or external breakaway connectors for increased range.

  • Trackside battery

    Used to power static nodes in locations where mains power is not available. Typically lasts 48h of continuous use.

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