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SPMM 5000 MIMS升级

Spmm Mims

SPMM 5000 MIMS升级版可精确测量车辆和车辆组件(如发动机组)的重心和惯性矩。


SPMM 5000的移动机身设计可实现更高精度的测量,而且SPMM可在30分钟内从K&C改为MIMS测量模式,无需卸载车辆。

Mimsclamp Side Bb

Unrivalled accuracy

The unrivalled accuracy of AB Dynamics' MIMS system is achieved by maximising the measured signal to noise ratioSignificant dynamic forces are generated by oscillating the vehicle using the SPMM’s moving centre table. These forces are then very accurately measured using MIMS specific piezoelectric load cells, located as close to the vehicle as possible in the sill clamp assembly. Importantly the use of piezoelectric load cells allows the static preload to be removed before testing, hence the measurement range is set for the measurement of just the dynamic forces.

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SPMM 5000移动机身设计的另一个优势,是可以在不用卸载车辆的情况下在K&C测试模式和MIMS测试模式之间切换。

改变模式的过程不超过 30 分钟,因为只需要降低中心台并切换到专用MIMS底框夹具组件即可。

Non Vehincle Mim Testing



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