AB Dynamics launches the SPMM Plus


The SPMM Plus is a next-generation kinematics and compliance (K&C) test machine developed to become a critical tool for OEMs as they shift to virtual test and validation.

The SPMM (Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine) is one of our longest-standing product ranges, known for its accuracy and reliability, that enables automotive OEMs to accelerate the design and testing of a vehicle’s suspension system by accurately measuring and analysing suspension movement whilst subjecting it to a faithful replication of on-road vehicle behaviour.

Today, we are excited to introduce you to the latest version, the SPMM Plus, our next generation K&C test machine. The SPMM Plus remains true to the original core concept that made it so successful but has now been enhanced to cater to industry’s ever-evolving challenges with:

  • A new high-speed digital control system
  • Increased vertical stroke capacity
  • Optional high-velocity vertical actuators
  • Table extension options that enable a wider range of vehicle types and sizes to be tested

One of the key objectives of the SPMM Plus was to ensure it is future-proofed for customers as Matthew Dustan, AB Dynamics Director of Laboratory Test Systems explains: “The industry is shifting rapidly towards virtual testing and validation, and the SPMM Plus is a key tool in that process. Its superior level of accuracy directly translates into better correlating vehicle models, which can be exported in one-click directly into the popular modelling packages. Importantly, in this latest generation of the SPMM, we have also made it Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) capable, further increasing its value in an OEM’s virtual development toolchain.”

The SPMM Plus is therefore ideal for OEMs, Tier-1s, testing houses or motorsport race teams that want to:

  • Generate accurate digital vehicle models
  • Rapidly benchmark competitor vehicles
  • Monitor early series production vehicles
  • Extend measurement capability to Centre of Gravity (CoG) and Moment of Inertia (MoI)

Commenting on the launch, Matthew also stated: “The first SPMM was manufactured nearly 30 years ago and has become an industry-recognised test rig, we have developed the Plus in response to the challenges facing our customers. On top of the launch itself, I’m also proud to announce that a major Japanese OEM has invested in the first rig, and it is currently in the process of being installed.” 

For more information, read the full SPMM Plus press release here. Also, on the 23rd November, we hosted the webinar "How kinematics and compliance testing is responding to the automotive industry's changing requirements", which can now be seen in full here.

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