12th Apr 2016

Driving a car under a jumbo jet using path-following


There was an old Boeing 747 at our test track recently, and we decided to see how our GPS-based path-following system coped with going underneath it.

Watch the video here.

We used our low cost SR15 steering robot to steer the car and an RT3000 motion pack from OxTSto provide position feedback.

The RT3000 uses inertial measurement data to cope with short GPS outages, and coped without a problem beneath the huge plane.

The path was recorded by driving it manually with a human driver and then replayed with the robot driving the car. The system makes continuous adjustments to the steering inputs to ensure the car precisely follows the intended path.

Most of our customers probably don't have planes lying around on their test tracks, but this shows that the system can cope with more typical sky obstructions like bridges and trees.

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