AB Dynamics launches new Track Applications Suite


We are delighted to announce the launch of our Track Applications Suite 24. It is the new name for the collection of our existing software packages used to manage testing and control of robot-driven vehicles and ADAS platforms.

The suite provides a single software ecosystem to fully define, execute and verify test scenarios. It comprises all of our industry-leading software applications, including Robot Controller (RC), Scenario Generator and Post Processor. It provides a flexible and scalable track test toolset, saving time and ensuring reliable and repeatable results. The release of the suite also includes the following updated features:

Improved and expanded Special Groups

More than 400 tests have been added to our award-winning Special Groups, our extensive library of pre-defined test scenarios. Combined with our range of driving robots, ADAS targets and other track test equipment, Special Groups enable test engineers to automate the creation, set-up, variation, execution and verification of industry-standard active safety protocols.

This latest update includes the 2024 CNCAP protocols (237 tests), the EU General Safety Regulation (60 tests), due to come into force in July, and comprehensive coverage of UNECE protocols (120 tests), including the most recent heavy vehicle scenarios.

Move to Point

The Track Applications Suite update also includes a new feature called ‘Move to Point’. A new return scheme for ADAS platforms, Move to Point automatically repositions ADAS platforms at the end of the test to a new starting point. This is particularly beneficial in helping operators safely move test objects to different areas of the track and improves efficiency by ensuring the objects are automatically in position for the next test. Move to Point is now included by default on new ADAS platforms and available on existing systems as an optional upgrade for a one-off cost.

Track Applications Manager

The new Track Applications Manager provides users with an easy-to-use tool to manage and update all the various software applications centrally. This simplifies the update process, allowing users to manage versions within the suite efficiently and ensuring compatibility between applications.

For information on how to update your software to this latest release contact the track support team on tracksupport@abdynamics.com.

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