29th Nov 2019

Unique high-fidelity real time Simpack vehicle and FTire models enable new ride comfort development processes on the advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator (aVDS)

Simpack And Ftire Integration Onto A Vds

AB Dynamics has been working with Cosin Scientific Software (FTire), Dassault Systèmes (SIMULIA/Simpack) and rFpro to integrate a high fidelity Simpack multibody real time vehicle model and FTire model onto the aVDS. 

This combined new technology allows a virtual vehicle simulation-based ride comfort development process in real time on the aVDS. The achieved realistic virtual ride comfort perception on the simulator is key to the elimination of expensive real-world vehicle prototypes for future development tasks.

FTire is the market leading physics-based tyre model and Simpack is the technology leading multibody system simulation software in order to set up high-end real time capable virtual 3D vehicle dynamics models. rFpro provides high definition visuals used in the simulator environment.

Gerald Hofmann, Partner and co-founder, Cosin said: “The high fidelity of the multibody Simpack vehicle model and FTire model combined with the class-leading performance of the AB Dynamics aVDS motion platform resulted in a drive that was ultra-realistic. We were particularly impressed with the ride feel.”

Remco Mansvelders, Senior Technical Specialist SIMULIA Multibody Simulation, DS Deutschland GmbH said: “It’s impressive to see how this new and unique virtual simulation technology is working in real time on the AB Dynamics’ simulator and to perceive direct realistic results. We expect that this system setup will enable new advanced and very efficient vehicle ride comfort development processes in the future”

Dr. Adrian Simms, Business Director at AB Dynamics said: "This high level of realism is crucial for gaining accurate data and allowing a broader scope of test and development work to be completed on the driving simulator, which achieves considerable time and money savings from testing on a track."

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