6th Mar 2023

AB Dynamics launches new Scooter ADAS target

Soft Scooter 360 News

The Soft Scooter 360 is a realistic test target designed to enable vehicle manufacturers to safely test and develop ADAS and autonomous vehicle systems.

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest 360 ADAS target range, the Soft Scooter 360. This new product was developed in response to the growing market of Powered Two-Wheelers (PTW) globally, which is projected to increase by more than 37% over the next five years, reaching 65.2 million annual sales. The Soft Scooter 360 will help to improve the safety of PTW riders, which accounts for more than 50% of road traffic deaths globally. 

The Soft Scooter 360 is highly realistic and features a photorealistic vinyl skin, speed-matched rotating wheels, and a micro-Doppler effect, which is important for radar sensors. This target also meets the ISO/WD 19206-5 standard and is compatible with C-NCAP’s latest protocols. In addition to realism, the Soft Scooter 360 focuses on durability and minimising damage to test vehicles during a collision.

 The Soft Scooter 360 also:

  •  Features a separate rider piece that is mounted to the scooter rather than being an integrated section
  • Is capable of withstanding front and side impact speeds of 40kph and 60kph respectively
  • Is compatible with our range of VRU test platforms

The Soft Scooter 360 is part of our growing portfolio of ADAS targets now includes the Soft Motorcycle 360™, the Soft Car 360™ and the Soft Pedestrian 360For more information on the Soft Scooter 360 download the product specification flyer here.



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