AB Dynamics and sister companies to showcase latest innovations at ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Santa Clara


We are gearing up to take centre stage at the ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Santa Clara next month. The expo, held from 20th September to 21st September at the Santa Clara Convention Center, is a premier event for the autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) industry

Visitors to the event can find us and DRI, Ansible Motion, and rFpro at Booth 500, where we will be showcasing an impressive array of innovative technologies and solutions. One of the highlights of the exhibition is the unveiling of the LaunchPad Spin for the first time in the US. The LaunchPad Spin a state-of-the-art Vulnerable Road User (VRU) platform that boasts remarkable manoeuvrability, enabling it to replicate intricate urban test scenarios with dynamic movements. The LaunchPad Spin is designed to simulate complex and realistic scenarios that challenge even the most advanced driver assistance systems.

Equipped with torque vectoring driven wheels and a precision-steered front wheel that can rotate a full 360 degrees, the LaunchPad Spin is a unique tool for replicating sudden changes in direction that pose challenges for drivers and autonomous emergency braking systems. For instance, scenarios such as a pedestrian unexpectedly crossing back across the road or a child weaving between parked cars can now be faithfully recreated, expanding the testing envelope to encompass increasingly intricate dynamics.

The LaunchPad Spin joins our growing range of VRU platforms, which includes the LaunchPad 50 and 60 for medium-speed testing and the LaunchPad 80, engineered for high-speed motorcycle scenarios. 

In parallel with our showcase, sister company DRI is previewing an upcoming addition to its ADAS soft target 360 range – a child pedestrian ADAS target. Drawing inspiration from its industry-leading Soft Pedestrian 360, the child pedestrian is a variant that boasts a unique design tailored to emulate the movements of young pedestrians. 

Key to the child pedestrian’s design is its active articulation system, ensuring naturalistic movement and synchronised gait with platform speed. Safety and durability are also paramount as modular, low-mass components are employed to minimise potential vehicle damage. The use of foam blocks to attach limbs, head, and mounting pole ensures that impact results in no exposed hard points. 

DRI's offerings also extend to the Soft Motorcycle 360, which will also be featured at the Santa Clara Expo, mirroring the principles of realism, durability, and damage minimisation. Capable of speeds reaching 80 km/h, this target proves invaluable for Euro NCAP 2023 motorcycle test scenarios, meeting ISO 19206-5 draft requirements. Constructed with lightweight foam coated in a rubberised skin, the Soft Motorcycle 360 maximizes compliance during collisions with test vehicles.

Attendees of the ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo are encouraged to visit our Booth 500, where our experts will eagerly engage in conversations about these innovations and their far-reaching impact on the automotive industry.

For more information about AB Dynamics LaunchPad range, please visit https://www.abdynamics.com/en/...

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