Robot Controller™ Software

The core application at the heart of all our track test solutions.

Track applications

Explore the dynamic capabilities of the Track Applications Suite. Each app and tool is meticulously designed to enhance precision, streamline workflows, and deliver unparalleled control in your testing environment.

  • Scenario Generator allows for easy programming of test scenarios, simultaneous planning of paths and events for multiple vehicles, and a built-in scenario playback feature for visualising interactions between paths and test objects.
  • Synchro is an optional advanced control capability for multi-object tests. Synchro coordinates up to 16 test objects, ensuring the test vehicle and other ADAS targets are synchronised throughout the scenario, even at varying speeds. This ensures a smooth and efficient testing process.
  • Special Groups, a tool in RC, is a library of preconfigured test groups. covering Euro NCAP, C-NCAP, UN, NHTSA, and JNCAP test requirements.
  • Post Processor for Special Groups in RC automatically provides real-time pass/fail results without user input, enabling immediate feedback during testing. It also generates detailed test-by-test reports.
  • AB Grapher is a standalone application that enhances the review process during test execution by enabling parallel data analysis. It offers a comprehensive list of data channels for plotting, with configurable functions such as multi-axes plotting, filtering, and overlay, providing a versatile tool for in-depth data visualisation and analysis.

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