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  • Employee Spotlight: Steph Lavallin

    Steph Lavallin is a project manager engineer who joined AB Dynamics in 2021, bringing her expertise and dedication to the team. Her outstanding achievements and contributions have earned her well-deserved recognition as one of the 100 women being considered for this year's Women in Engineering Awards.

    22nd Jun 2023

  • Employee Spotlight: Gowshikan Santhikumaran

    At AB Dynamics, we take great pride in supporting young engineers and nurturing their growth. Today, we turn our spotlight on Gowshikan Santhikumaran, a member of our Track Test team who has has been involved in the world of Formula Student since 2017. In this latest blog post, Gowshi discusses his Formula Student experiences and the many ways in which the competition has helped to shape his engineering career.

    22nd Jun 2023

  • Employee Spotlight: Matthew Dustan

    Matthew Dustan is the Director of Laboratory Test Systems here at AB Dynamics where he leads development of our class-leading laboratory test solutions including the ANVH 250, SSTM and SPMM. 

    6th Apr 2022

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