Heavy vehicle testing GST

Heavy vehicle testing

Providing a comprehensive suite of products designed for the unique demands of commercial vehicle testing.

What is heavy vehicle testing?

Heavy vehicle testing is a pivotal process in the commercial vehicle industry, playing a crucial role in assessing the safety, performance, and reliability of large vehicles such as trucks, buses, and more. This testing is particularly significant with the rise of an emerging generation of electric and autonomous heavy vehicles. With our track testing and laboratory testing equipment, AB Dynamics can help manufacturers to evaluate and develop their heavy vehicles, ensuring they are equipped to handle the demands of today’s road.

How we can help you with heavy vehicle testing

In the face of growing demands for safer, more efficient, and technologically advanced heavy commercial vehicles, comprehensive and precise testing is paramount. At AB Dynamics, we provide a suite of solutions that empower manufacturers, regulators, and researchers to evaluate and enhance the safety and performance features of their heavy commercial vehicles.

Our complete track testing ecosystem is equipped with a range of products including ADAS targets, platforms, driving robots, and software, all designed to cater to the unique needs of heavy vehicle testing and the growing demands for more advanced ADAS systems. Beyond the track, our SPMM Plus, a state-of-the-art laboratory tool, replicates road surface interactions with unmatched accuracy, providing comprehensive suspension and steering system data.

Driving robots

Driving robots offer a level of precision in braking and speed control that surpasses human capabilities. By integrating AB Dynamics’ steering and pedal robots with our software and an IMU, we achieve high accuracy for efficient testing, essential for AEB and FCW systems. One of the key components in our heavy vehicle solution is the SR 150 steering robot, specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements of commercial vehicle testing. With a maximum torque of 150Nm, the highest torque of any AB Dynamics robot, it has been designed for testing power-failure situations in trucks and buses – a common homologation requirement.

SR 150

LaunchPad range

The LaunchPad range of powered platforms covers all VRU testing scenarios ranging from low-speed pedestrian testing through to high-speed motorcycle testing. Our LaunchPad 80 and Spin products are heavy vehicle ready and come with a 44-tonne truck drive over capacity as standard. The LaunchPad 50 and 60 products can be optioned in a heavy-duty configuration. Our platform range has been specifically developed to withstand tough testing scenarios, enabling the development of compliant ADAS technologies for heavy vehicles.

ADAS Platforms

The GST system

The GST system has emerged as the leading solution for heavy vehicle ADAS testing, with its heavy-duty option catering to the sector’s specific requirements. The self-propelled GST Platform carries the Soft Car 360 impactable vehicle target, which breaks down into lightweight parts upon impact. The GST Platform is available in heavy duty versions with top speeds of 100 and 120 km/h. As heavy vehicle active safety increasing focus, AB Dynamics’ GST system continues to set the benchmark, contributing to the development of safer and more reliable commercial vehicles.

GST 120

ADAS Targets

AB Dynamics offers a comprehensive range of targets developed by our sister company DRI. DRI led the way in the development of three-dimensional surrogate test targets with the Soft Car 360 and have since added the Soft Pedestrian 360 and the Soft Motorcycle 360 to the range. The range has been designed for durability, realism and to minimise vehicle damage, enabling accurate and reliable testing of heavy vehicles’ detection and collision avoidance systems.

ADAS targets

Suspension and steering testing

In the laboratory, the SPMM Plus replicates road surface interactions with unmatched accuracy. This provides comprehensive suspension and steering system data, enabling the development of vehicles that surpass your competition.

We can cater for vehicles up to 6.8 tonnes and apply loads for up to 40 kN per corner. We offer solutions such as large turntable fixtures which permit the dual wheeled axles vehicles testing and secondary extenders which increase clamping capability.

For vehicles exceeding 6.8 tonnes or with more than two axles, custom solutions are available.


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Heavy vehicle testing GST
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