ADAS testing

Providing a complete ecosystem for ADAS testing, including ADAS targets and platforms, driving robots, telemetry, and advanced software solutions.

How is ADAS tested?

Physical testing plays a crucial role in developing and validating ADAS technologies and involves conducting extensive trials on proving grounds. ADAS testing typically involves creating scenarios with multiple objects, including test vehicles and surrogate objects that are representative of other road users. Vehicles equipped with ADAS are also subjected to testing in diverse environments, weather and light conditions, and traffic scenarios to evaluate their ability to detect objects and respond accurately under different driving conditions.

Our ADAS testing solutions

As ADAS technologies become more sophisticated, we are seeing the volume and sophistication of these tests increase. To help our customers meet the challenges of ADAS technology development, we provide a fully developed track testing ecosystem comprising of proven, reliable, and accurate testing equipment, designed to work harmoniously together. This ecosystem includes ADAS targets and platforms, driving robots, telemetry, and advanced software solutions.

By leveraging our track test ecosystem, you can enhance your testing capabilities and make testing more efficient, comply with regulatory and consumer body requirements, and drive the development of safer and more sophisticated ADAS technologies. From the simplest scenarios to the most complex high-speed, multi-object tests, we will help keep your development programme on track.

ADAS targets

AB Dynamics offers a range of impactable targets that pair with our ADAS platforms. The range includes pedestrians, mopeds, motorcycles, and cars, and has been meticulously designed for realism while being durable and modular. This innovative technology allows for more efficient and repeatable testing, setting a new standard in the industry.

ADAS targets

ADAS platforms

Our range of overrunable ADAS platforms offer versatile and robust solutions that enable precise positioning and remote control of ADAS targets on the track. Whether your test scenario needs to simulate pedestrians, cyclists, mopeds, motorcycles, or cars, we have a platform that meets your requirements.

ADAS platforms

Path following

Since 2001, we have been a global leader in robot path following technology, utilising advanced GNSS motion pack systems and our Path Following software. Path following brings a level of precision to testing that drivers find hard to replicate. The ability to accurately follow a path is at the heart of running repeatable ADAS test scenarios. Alongside our driving robots, path following opens up the possibility of automating tests that would otherwise need human drivers.

Path following

Vehicle speed and braking control

We provide an innovative range of pedal robots, designed for precise vehicle speed control, this is important when ADAS tests are required to be conducted at specified speeds – our robots can deliver repeatable and accurate control of a vehicle in a way that no human driver can do.

Our brake robots can also be employed to deliver consistent and precise braking inputs, which can be triggered at precisely the desired location for example at the approach to a bend. This is particularly beneficial for assessing stability, measuring stopping distance or evaluating brake feel and performance.

Driving robots

Test object synchronisation

Accurate synchronisation across multiple objects is critical for efficient ADAS testing. Our Synchro software is a powerful tool that excels in managing this synchronised motion, ensuring precision across various test scenarios, making it an essential tool in the field.

Further enhancing our testing solutions is the Robot Controller software. This software is equipped with a preconfigured NCAP test library, making it an indispensable tool for operators who benefit by saving months of track and planning time.


Dependable data transfer

For driverless testing and ADAS targets, we supply high-performance wireless telemetry systems. High reliability and low latency not only ensure dependable data transfer, but also allows for real-time vehicle-to-vehicle control and monitoring.


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