ADAS platforms

Whether your test scenario needs to simulate pedestrians, cyclists, mopeds, motorcycles, or cars, we have a platform that meets your requirements.

LaunchPad™ product range

Designed to carry vulnerable road user (VRU) targets

The LaunchPad range of powered platforms have been designed to carry VRU targets for ADAS and AV development and testing, including pedestrian, cyclist, moped and motorcycle dummies. LaunchPads are robust and provide accurate and repeatable testing, they can also follow complex paths. There is a LaunchPad designed to meet your specific testing requirements, ranging from low-speed pedestrian testing through to highway speed motorcycle testing.

GST™ platform range

Designed to carry whole-vehicle targets

The Guided Soft Target (GST) is a self-propelled platform designed to carry a whole car target for ADAS and AV development and testing. Compatible with the Soft Car 360 range of vehicle targets, GST variants are available covering a range of speeds up to 120 km/h. The GST, together with the Soft Car 360 enables high-speed collisions to be carried out at closing speeds up to 144 km/h, while minimising the risk of damage to the test vehicle.

SPT™ platform

A portable and versatile platform using a belt propulsion mechanism

The Soft Pedestrian Target (SPT) platform is a portable belt propulsion system that simulates the movement of pedestrians or cyclists in front of a vehicle. It uses our patented Synchro technology to accurately and consistently play out NCAP test scenarios. The SPT can carry different types of dummies and has a single-belt option for motion parallel to the subject vehicle

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Related products

ADAS platforms

Our range of ADAS platforms offer versatile and robust solutions that enable precise positioning and motion control of ADAS targets on the track.

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Driving robots

High-performance driving robots that enable accurate and repeatable testing across a vast range of applications.

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Wireless telemetry

Delivering dependable data transfer when testing with driving robots, ADAS platforms and driverless systems, even in complex environments.

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Streamlining ADAS and AV testing workflows, offering intuitive interfaces, data analysis capabilities, and integration with existing testing processes.

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Augmenting and optimising our track testing products, our range of accessories include video capture, object scanners and mounting struts.

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Our driving robots and ADAS platforms work with a wide range of GNSS inertial navigation systems including those manufactured by OxTS, GeneSys and Racelogic.

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