Steering system development

Accelerating the development of next-generation steering systems from initial concept through to production with our comprehensive steering test and development solutions.

How is steering system development changing?

Steering system development now demands a blend virtual prototyping and advanced testing methodologies. Automated driving and the adoption of EPAS and steer-by-wire technologies are rapidly increasing the digitisation of steering systems, which has significantly increased the amount of software development required for new steering systems. The industry is also increasingly utilising virtual prototyping for cost-effective development, increasing the importance of accurate modelling of vehicle subsystems. As a result, the development of steering systems requires sophisticated test equipment that can accurately model, characterise and assess the full subsystem without access to a prototype vehicle.

Our steering system test solution

We have created a comprehensive steering development solution that supports the entire development process. We provide the tools to create all the objective data necessary to evaluate and accurately model the steering system, whilst also enabling engineers to subjectively assess its performance long before using a prototype vehicle. We do this through a combination of driving robots, a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) test machine and a Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) simulator. Through our solutions, we turn the art of steering development and feel into a science.

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing

The SSTM is a HIL test machine that enables steering hardware to be tested in isolation from the vehicle under development. It provides a controlled laboratory environment for precise assessment, characterisation, and optimisation of steering systems. With the ability to replicate real-world conditions, the SSTM accelerates the steering system design process, identifies issues earlier, and delivers optimised systems ready for production.


Precise, consistent and repeatable steering inputs

Our driving robots provide repeatable and accurate steering control, essential for comprehensive steering system testing. They can be installed in a wide range of vehicles or used on the SSTM and offer versatility and reliability, enabling precise evaluation of steering system performance.

Our driving robot range

Injecting subjective feedback

Both the SSTM and our static driving simulator from sister company Ansible Motion provide an immersive driving experience for DIL steering system assessment. They enable critical subjective data to be incorporated early in the development process through virtual test drives to optimise steering feel. HIL on the SSTM enables engineers to assess steering feel of real hardware before moving to a prototype vehicle.

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