Suspension development

Offering a range of test solutions to accurately assess, develop, and test suspension systems and sub-systems.

How are suspension systems developed?

Engineers start by defining the performance targets for the suspension system, considering factors such as ride comfort, handling, stability, and durability, and then create virtual models of the system in simulation. To correlate the models and to determine if the targets have been met engineers need access to data from the real suspension system. As the industry moves towards producing less prototype vehicles, OEMs are increasingly relying on specialised test equipment to assess and optimise the suspension system as early as possible in the development cycle. Laboratory test machines provide the opportunity to analyse real hardware in a controlled, repeatable and consistent environment.

Our suspension testing solutions

As vehicle suspension systems become increasingly complex and critical to overall vehicle performance, the need for comprehensive and accurate suspension testing solutions has never been greater. At AB Dynamics, we understand the challenges faced by chassis engineers in developing suspension systems that deliver optimal comfort, handling, and performance across diverse driving conditions.

We offer laboratory test equipment and propriety software designed to streamline the testing process and ensure accurate evaluation of suspension parameters. Our solution covers both K&C testing and NVH analysis.

K&C testing

The industry’s increasing use of virtual development is helping to reduce costs whilst also accelerating time to market. However, validating the simulated results is an important step in the development process to ensure the virtual model correlates with the real hardware. At the vehicle level, this requires a K&C test machine.

The SPMM Plus is the industry’s most technically advanced, reliable, and cost-effective K&C test machine. Accommodating the smallest city cars up to light commercial vehicles, its unique moving body and fixed ground-plane design replicates a vehicle’s interactions with the road surface with unrivalled precision. It provides all the suspension and steering system data necessary to thoroughly assess a suspension system and correlate and create virtual suspension models.

NVH testing

As one of the main sources of vehicle interior noise, road noise is a key focus, and a major challenge. NVH issues can often remain undetected until late in a vehicle development program, when representative prototype vehicles become available. This can lead to costly and compromised corrective measures, with additional weight or sub-optimal designs being carried into production.

AB Dynamics’ ANVH 250 is a sophisticated test machine that enables accurate measurement of NVH transmission through a suspension system into vehicle body mounting points – long before prototype vehicles are available.

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