Vehicle benchmarking

See how you measure up with AB Dynamics’ track test and laboratory test equipment developed for benchmark testing.

What vehicle benchmarking?

Real-world testing plays a crucial role in developing and validating ADAS technologies and involves conducting extensive trials on closed tracks. ADAS testing typically involves creating scenarios with multiple objects, including test vehicles and surrogate objects that are representative of other road users. Vehicles equipped with ADAS are also subjected to testing in diverse environments, weather and light conditions, and traffic scenarios to evaluate their ability to detect objects and respond accurately under different driving conditions.

How we can help you with vehicle benchmarking

When you need to understand your competitors’ vehicles and why they behave like they do, we have the tools to make meaningful comparisons. AB Dynamics specialises in precise and repeatable motion control, and we offer a range of solutions suitable for benchmark testing including our range of driving robots, the SPMM Plus kinematics and compliance machine, and the SSTM steering test machine.

Repeatable driving inputs

Our driving robots are used to provide perfectly repeatable driving inputs so you can be sure that you’ve eliminated driver variability between vehicles.

Line-on-line steering inputs allow detailed comparison of dynamic behaviour between vehicles. Add in pedal robots if you need to be sure of consistent speed and brake inputs – our modular system architecture means upgrading is straightforward.

Driving robots

Tool of choice

The SPMM Plus uses a sequence of tests to measure the parameters that characterise a vehicle’s suspension system, giving you a detailed understanding of its ride and handling qualities. The tool of choice for suspension and chassis engineers worldwide, it has been used for thousands of competitor benchmark tests giving valuable insights into a vehicle’s setup.


Test a complete steering system

The SSTM allows you to test a complete steering system and understand the relationship between steering inputs and what happens at the road wheels. Its flexible design makes it easy to mount a wide range of steering systems, so competitor testing is straightforward and efficient.


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