ADAS targets

Realistic surrogate test objects for safe, efficient, and cost-effective ADAS and AV testing.

Soft 360™ target range

Designed for realism, durability and to reduce vehicle damage

In collaboration with DRI, our range of ADAS test targets simulates real-world moving objects for testing advanced driver assistance and autonomous systems. Enabling the evaluation of the performance of these systems in a controlled and safe environment, the range has been meticulously designed for realism while being durable, modular, and minimising the risk of damage to the vehicle under test.

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Target Scanners


Be confident that targets are being correctly recognised by sensor systems. Developed by DRI, the ScanR object scanner can take accurate and repeatable radar and LiDAR measurements of surrogate ADAS test targets for verification and calibration, or it can be used to measure real objects to better understand their characteristics.

ScanR is perfect for verifying that targets maintain their sensor-perceived properties and that they meet specified standards such as those from Euro NCAP, ISO and SAE.

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Scanr target scanner

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