• Setting a global standard - the origins of the GST

    This year AB Dynamics and its sister company Dynamic Research Inc. (DRI) celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first sale of the Guided Soft Target (GST) surrogate vehicle target system. In this blog, Joseph Kelly, Chief Engineer at DRI, explains how the GST has set the global standard for 3D vehicle targets and has helped to revolutionise the testing and development of lifesaving ADAS technologies.

  • The impact of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on truck safety

    As the world becomes more and more reliant on commercial vehicles to move goods and materials, truck safety has become an increasingly important topic. In recent years, the development and implementation of ADAS have shown great promise in improving truck safety. In this blog post, Andrew Pick, Business Director of Track Test Systems at AB Dynamics, explores the impact of ADAS on truck safety and how Euro NCAP’s 2023 Safer Trucks initiative will impact the heavy vehicle sector. 

    28th Apr 2023

  • Employee Spotlight: Matthew Dustan

    Matthew Dustan is the Director of Laboratory Test Systems here at AB Dynamics where he leads development of our class-leading laboratory test solutions including the ANVH 250, SSTM and SPMM. 

    6th Apr 2022

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