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Soft Scooter 360

Soft Scooter 360™ is the highly realistic and cost-effective scooter target you've been waiting for

Developed in response to the growing global popularity of scooters, the Soft Scooter 360’s design focuses on enhanced realism, durability, and vehicle protection. It is also compatible with C-NCAP 2021 protocols and meets the ISO/WD 19206-5 standard, making it a vital target for improving the safety of vulnerable PTW riders now, and in the future.

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Recognised as a real scooter

The Soft Scooter 360’s realistic shape, speed-matched rotating wheels and photorealistic vinyl skin increases recognition and detection by vehicle sensor systems, including camera, radar and lidar.

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Designed for easy reassembly, repairability and repeatability

Key to the design of the Soft Scooter 360 has been a focus on reducing damage to vehicles under test. To achieve this goal, the target’s structure is tubular surrounded by a lightweight foam and hard points have been minimised. The rider is also a separate piece to the scooter, reducing the potential for damage to test vehicles.

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A robust design

Even with its focus on minimising test vehicle damage, the soft Scooter 360’s design does not compromise on robustness; the scooter section of the target has been wrapped in a hard-wearing vinyl skin and it is capable of withstanding impact speeds up to 60 km/h.

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