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A portable and user-friendly remote control system for ADAS testing

The GTC Remote is a wireless remote control system that allows you to operate our GST and LaunchPad ADAS platforms, including the latest LaunchPad Spin. It is designed for use in single platform ADAS testing, such as pedestrian and cyclist testing, where only one platform is required.

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Streamlining the operation of mobile ADAS platforms

The GTC Remote consists of a handheld unit that integrates a integrates joystick functionalities with a display, radio, safety controller and base station software. It eliminates the need for multiple hardware components and simplifies test setup and operation.

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Made to improve test efficiency on the track

The GTC Remote is a versatile, portable, and reliable tool that can enhance your ADAS testing capability whilst retaining the established AB Dynamics safety concept. Designed to help you set up and run test scenarios faster and easier than ever before, the GTC Remote offers several advantages:

  • A user interface that features simplified and streamlined workflows
  • A user-focussed ergonomic design that features a ruggedised, weight-balanced enclosure. Tested to IPX4, it offers moisture protection
  • A seven-inch colour touchscreen that enables the operator to control the vehicle and monitor its status with ease and efficiency
  • A powerful processor and long-lasting battery for all-day use
  • A flexible radio option that allows you to use our existing radio options, such as the latest-generation TrackFi PowerMesh, or another preferred communication network
  • Approved and certified through CE, FCC and UKCA standards, ensuring that it meets all relevant safety and regulatory requirements

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