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Vehicle Positioning Systems

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AB Dynamics' driving robots can work with a wide range of GPS motion packs including those manufactured by OxTS, Genesys, iMAR and Racelogic. We are a sales partner of OxTS and can supply its full range of products.

We are also working on developing future positioning technology for use where conventional GPS solutions are not suitable.

Abd Pinpoint Product Shot

GPS Motion Packs

AB Dynamics offers the Pinpoint, an ultra-compact GPS motion pack with 2cm position accuracy.

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Product compatibility

Product OxTS Genesys iMar Racelogic
Driving Robots (path following) RT series motion packs and Pinpoint Range of ADMA series Range of iTraceRT series VBox 3i
Guided Soft Target 100/120 RT series motion packs and Pinpoint ADMA Slim Solution under development
LaunchPad Spin OxTS Integrated boardset ADMA Micro
LaunchPad 50/60 OxTS Integrated boardset ADMA Slim bare board
LaunchPad 80 OxTS Integrated boardset ADMA Micro

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