Abd Pinpoint Product Shot

GPS Motion Packs

Abd Pinpoint Product Shot

AB Dynamics offers the Pinpoint v3, an ultra-compact GPS motion pack with 2cm position accuracy.

Pinpoint v3 is powered by industry-standard OxTS technology, combining quad constellation GNSS receivers and high-performance inertial sensors.

Pinpoint v3 is designed to enable accurate measurements to be made quickly and easily for a wide range of vehicle tests. It brings the convenience and dependability of high-end motion packs to a new price point.

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Advantages of Pinpoint v3

  • Small size and low weight (0.435kg), easy to mount in the vehicle Rugged and waterproof (IP65)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quad constellation GNSS included as standard
  • Perfect for use with AB Dynamics' driving robots and ADAS targets (including for path-following) Reliable plug-and-play Ethernet output optimised for AB Dynamics' driving robots and ADAS targets 2cm position accuracy (RTK)
  • CAN output available (optional)
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OxTS products

AB Dynamics can supply the full range of products from OxTS, including the RT3000 and its range of D-GPS base stations.

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Easy installation in the vehicle

Our transducer mounting strut makes it easy to fit a motion pack in your vehicle quickly and rigidly.

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