Brake Development


Simple, accurate and repeatable brake testing

Whatever type of brake testing you do, we've got you covered.

Today’s braking specialist isn’t just concerned with the traditional areas of brake performance and feel, but also a plethora of ADAS technology such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB).

Case study: ​Thatcham use our driving robots for doing Euro NCAP AEB testing

Standalone or combined

AB Dynamics' pedal robots can be used on their own for providing accurate and repeatable pedal inputs for brake performance and feel testing. They can also be combined with steering robots, path-following and vehicle-to-vehicle control for performing complex tests such as the Euro NCAP AEB procedure.

Precise Braking

Precise braking control

Brake robots offer a choice of control modes, so you can precisely regulate pedal position, force, vehicle deceleration and even brake line pressure, according to your test specification. Accurately-controlled apply rates (whether fast or progressive) are simple to achieve, every time.

Case study: Mercedes uses our GST to demonstrate the active safety systems onboard the 2017 E-Class at the launch event in Portugal

Collision avoidance ADAS development

Our soft ADAS targets allow no-harm testing of auto-braking systems (AEB, CIB, DBS). Synchro technology is used to regulate car-to-target position and speed, ensuring that the collision takes place exactly as planned.

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