Vehicle Dynamics Simulator

aVDS Advanced Driving Simulator

The aVDS is an exciting new Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator from AB Dynamics.

The advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator (aVDS) combines a high performance motion platform and a high specification audio and vision system with world class content from rFpro to produce a simulator capable of reacting to the smallest changes in vehicle configuration. This saves both time and money by allowing meaningful input from the test driver to be obtained prior to a physical prototype being available. 

Driver In The Loop Simulator

Dynamic performance

The motion platform developed by Williams Advanced Engineering has a novel design using high performance linear actuators to deliver class leading 6DoF dynamic performance, with up to 60Hz frequency response for a more tightly integrated Driver‐in‐the‐Loop experience.


Immersive Driving Environment

The high specification audio and vision system with world class content from rFpro is cleverly synchronised by the advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator so the driver can become fully immersed in the test environment, whilst minimising the likelihood of experiencing motion sickness.

A Dvs Over Head View

Accurate Road Data

Specifically designed for Driver-in-the-Loop development of road vehicles, with applications that include development of vehicle handling and safety systems, the capabilities of the advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator will be tailored to individual manufacturer’s requirements and budgets.

Technical Partners

To learn more about this exciting new development, discuss your requirements or to arrange a test drive of the advanced Vehicle Driving Simulatordemonstrator, please contact AB Dynamics via SimulatorEnquiries@abdynamics.com

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